Patagonia – Episode 3 – Aguja Guillaumet Ascent

View of Aguja Guillemet with Mermoz and Fitz Roy in the background  Our first window arrived and we excitedly packed up our gear to head into the mountains.  With over a meter and a half of new snow, we were skeptical about rock climbing conditions and concerned about avalanches.  Considering all this, we knew our … More Patagonia – Episode 3 – Aguja Guillaumet Ascent

Ice climbing in Ouray:  The story of progression I first swung ice tools in 2003 on a glacier in southeast Alaska.  I thought it was fun but I spent the majority of the next 10 years rock climbing, working as a mountain guide, and then becoming a nurse.  About once a year or every other … More

Spring Rock Climbing

La Cucaracha in Icicle Canyon, Leavenworth. Photo Jonathon Spitzer It has been a rainy spring in Washington and sunny days have been limited. Despite the lack of sunshine, I have still managed to hit up most of the local Seattle cragging areas. During the long winter in Seattle much of my energy gets directed towards … More Spring Rock Climbing

Gear Review: Petzl Nomad 9.8mm & Fuse 9.4mm Climbing Ropes

by Jonathon Spitzer For the past couple years, I have been climbing on Petzl ropes. In both the alpine or cragging environment they remain durable and trustworthy, while also keeping weight to a minumum. The following is a review that Jonathon Spitzer wrote about our favorite Petzl ropes. Nearing the summit of Poincenot, Patagonia, Argentina … More Gear Review: Petzl Nomad 9.8mm & Fuse 9.4mm Climbing Ropes

Desert Rock Climbing

Heading up the final sport pitch on Easter Island. Photo by Jonathon Spitzer. In late March, Michelle and I packed my tiny honda up and drove south to the Utah desert. We were in search of sunshine, desert splitters and friends. There is something invigorating and refreshing about the southern Utah desert. I’ve spent quite … More Desert Rock Climbing