Dolomites – Part 2

Do people even blog anymore? Is this a thing? Or are folks not even remotely interested in reading more than a couple sentences or two. Well, in the spirit of not giving up on a project, I am attempting to post at least one entry every 365 days. The year was full of adventures both … More Dolomites – Part 2

Climbing, Vacationing and Exploring El Chorro, Spain

Spain is the land of hard sport climbing, wine and olives. It’s limestone cliffs dot the countries lands and there seems to be a crag for every season. On our trip to Spain in December, we spent the majority of our time in El Chorro. This little climbing village rests above the Guadalhorce River and … More Climbing, Vacationing and Exploring El Chorro, Spain

Chamonix 2016

Chamonix was a last minute and mellow trip this year. Mellow mainly because I recently sustained a mild back injury while doing chest compressions at work. This was my fifth trip to area and I feel so fortunate that I keep getting to visit one of my favorite places on this planet. It’s busy and … More Chamonix 2016

The Eiger

After a long day of traveling, I somehow navigated myself and my hundred plus pounds of luggage to the small village of Interlaken in the Bernase Alps in Switzerland. As I was getting out of my cab, who do I run into but Jonathon.  This was not unplanned but it was ironic to have shown … More The Eiger