Chamonix 2016

Chamonix was a last minute and mellow trip this year. Mellow mainly because I recently sustained a mild back injury while doing chest compressions at work. This was my fifth trip to area and I feel so fortunate that I keep getting to visit one of my favorite places on this planet. It’s busy and … More Chamonix 2016


It was unfortunately a quick trip to Chamonix this year with all the other adventures taking precedence.  Nonetheless, this place is still one of my favorite places on earth.  Despite the busyness on the streets, lift lines and even the mountains, the alpine terrain here is truly impressive, inspiring and so easily accessed. Combine that … More #ChamonixDelivers

The Eiger

After a long day of traveling, I somehow navigated myself and my hundred plus pounds of luggage to the small village of Interlaken in the Bernase Alps in Switzerland. As I was getting out of my cab, who do I run into but Jonathon.  This was not unplanned but it was ironic to have shown … More The Eiger

Patagonia – Episode 5 – Fitz Roy Attempt

In 2008, I made a half-hearted attempt to climb Fitz Roy via the Franco-Argentine with a partner that was quite a bit better than me.  I remember feeling completely overwhelmed and intimidated by the mountain, the amount of people climbing and the culture associated with alpine climbing in the big mountains.  But another part of … More Patagonia – Episode 5 – Fitz Roy Attempt

Patagonia – Episode 3 – Aguja Guillaumet Ascent

View of Aguja Guillemet with Mermoz and Fitz Roy in the background  Our first window arrived and we excitedly packed up our gear to head into the mountains.  With over a meter and a half of new snow, we were skeptical about rock climbing conditions and concerned about avalanches.  Considering all this, we knew our … More Patagonia – Episode 3 – Aguja Guillaumet Ascent