Before moving to Seattle and embarking on a more traditional schedule (i.e 9-5 job and classes at night), I never really trained for climbing. I just climbed and went out and played in the mountains. That strategy seemed to work for my purposes at the time. Now that I have more of a routine, I actually have to get out and train for these mountain adventures. I played lots of sports as a teenager and am familiar with training and getting strong for an event but its been awhile since I actually had to set out time to train for something in particular.
I am going to Alaska in two weeks and I want my body to be ready for in. I have a nine day personal trip planned in the Ruth Gorge and a three week working trip on Denali. I am actually more concerned about being in shape for my personal trip and being prepared for the long days that alpine climbing requires. I had surgery in December to remove all the metal from my leg (which was placed there in January 2008 after a boulder crushed my shin) and then was incredible busy with school and work for the months of January and February. So I didn’t really start training until March. I had some ideas about what I wanted to do and new I wanted to implement a lot of high intensity cardio workouts. I really wanted to check out the Cross Fit workouts but I decided that wouldn’t be too responsible for my meager budget. Fortunately, my friend Sam introduced me to stair climbing. And I have been loyal to these stairs for the last couple months, at least once a week. It is a little boring but ultimately satisfying in that you can get such a good work out in an hour or less. I’m finding out that these stairs are somewhat cultish in Seattle. Lots of people like to run them!

I also have gotten back into running which has been really nice since I haven’t been able to run much for the last two years due to my broken leg. I mainly trail run because the pavement still hurts my leg and knee and its more fun anyways. There are some great trails in the greater Seattle area. I run about 40-50 minutes about once or twice a week. Very rarely, I load my big backpack up with stuff and go for a hike. I only do this rarely because I don’t really like carrying a big pack and so I only do it when it gets me to cool places. However, I do know that it is important to practice it at least once before going to these cool places. Today I went up Tiger Mountain. It was cold, wet and snowing at 2000 feet! Summer where are you?!

And of course I go rock climbing and do yoga because those things are just so fun, especially rock climbing!


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